I am interested in the following areas of research:

    • Commutative, Combinatorial and Computational Algebra
    • Algebraic Combinatorics
    • Algebraic Graph Theory
    • Symbolic Computation

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Published papers:

  1. Ch.Tatakis, A.Thoma, On the relative size of toric bases, Journal of Algebra and its Applications 21 (4), 2250079, (2022).
  2. Y.C.Stamatiou, Ch.Tatakis, An algorithm for computing the universal Gröbner basis of graph ideals, Int. Journal of Computer Mathematics CST 4 (2), 67-75, (2019).
  3. Ch.Tatakis, Generalized robust toric ideals, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 220 (1), 263-277, (2016).
  4. Ch.Tatakis, A.Thoma, Graver degrees are not polynomially bounded by true circuit degrees, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 219, 2658-2665, (2015).
  5. Ch.Tatakis, A.Thoma, On complete intersection toric ideals of graphs, Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics 38 (2), 351-370, 38 (2013).
  6. E.Reyes, Ch.Tatakis, A.Thoma, Minimal generators of toric ideals of graphs, Advances in Applied Mathematics 48 (1), 64-78, (2012).
  7. Ch.Tatakis, A.Thoma, On the universal Gröbner basis of toric ideals of graphs, Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 118, 1540-1548, (2011).

Submitted papers: 

  1.  I.Garcia-Marco, Ch.Tatakis, On robustness and related properties on toric ideals, 28 pp., arXiv:2204.13136, submitted (2022).

My collaborators:

    • Ignacio Garcia-Marco, University of La Laguna, Department of Mathematics, Tenerife/Spain.
    • Enrique Reyes, University of Mexico City, Department of Mathematics, Mexico.
    • Yannis Stamatiou, University of Patras, Department of Business Administration, Computer Technology Institute and Press - "Diophantus", Patra/Greece
    • Apostolos Thoma, University of Ioannina, Department of Mathematics, Ioannina/Greece.

Erdos number: 3 (via: P. Erdos <--> S. Janson <--> Y.C. Stamatiou <--> Ch. Tatakis)